Tapping School

With Monica

Are you ready to learn how to use EFT/Tapping more effectively and confidently with yourself and others? Are you looking for a way to add full or part-time income, by learning and getting Certified in EFT/Tapping, and the How To’s of starting a fulfilling new career?

Whether you are interested in becoming an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, with or without prior experience, a Professional looking to add EFT/Tapping to your toolbox, or a layperson looking to help yourself, friends, or family members with their own healing journey, this is where you begin.

Hello! I’m Monica

Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer

As a former Cardiac ICU nurse and Clinical Instructor, I have always had a passion for working with people in all walks of their healing journey. I have been a teacher, trainer and leader of groups for over 20 years and am currently an Accredited Certified EFTi Master Trainer and Mentor, Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner, and a Certified Relationship Coach.  I bring this experience and enthusiasm to all my EFT work whether it is with students learning how to do EFT in one of my Workshops, EFT clients in a one-on-one session, or serving EFT International on the Training and Accreditation Committee.

When I am passionate about something like I am EFT, I want to tell everyone! I love teaching live and online classes and am excited to work with those seeking Certification, needing Mentoring, and those learning EFT for personal use with friends and family. I believe EFT is a gift I’m called to share.


While Monica Owen can’t guarantee any specific results and the following testimonial does not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue or problem, this client reports having a positive experience.

“Monica brings to the table grace, integrity, and humor. In working with her, I’ve been able to realize breakthroughs in subjects from as far back as a traumatic childhood event to more recent matters. She skillfully implements the dynamic tools of Emotion Freedom Techniques to tackle complex issues while supporting me in a safe and grounded experience. Monica is adept at asking precise questions in order to get to the heart of the problem, so the focus of my sessions leads to my success in processing and resolving issues. I’m grateful for her craft and look forward to engaging with her again in the future.” – Whitney, Northern California